Vacation In Arizona – Learn Its History While Participating In All It Has To Offer

Arizona is a land of dazzling extremes and a wide variety of bed and breakfasts, country inns, historic hotels, mountain lodges, urban inns, and desert homestays. Except for fast-growing Phoenix and Tucson, this is a state with many wide open spaces and surprises.

If you visit Arizona you’ll find it to be a beautiful state with some incredible scenery, warm winter weather, and plenty of recreational opportunities. You’ll appreciate its abundant sunshine, clean air, and friendly atmosphere – so much so you may not want to leave. Although the desert, with its summer heat and moderate winter temperatures predominates, Arizona offers its high country, with mountains and pine forests and a cooler climate.

Arizona’s desert and mountain climates make it a year-round destination. The desert can reach temperatures over 100 degrees in summer, but drop to the 60s in winter.

Native American culture abounds in Arizona. There are 20 reservations in the state representing 15 tribes, with the Navajo Nation being the largest. A total of 22 Native American Tribes, with their differing cultures and histories, make the state unique. Visitors are welcomed by most, but understand that each have their own guidelines which should be observed.

Believe it or not, Arizona boasts more than 270 ghost towns and many other historical locations. Most can be found in the southeast and northwest areas of the state. Throw in the Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest for good measure and it’s easy to understand why Arizona is such a popular travel destination.

As recently Arizona was the fastest growing state in America, and even now is in second place.

Central and southern Arizona’s large desert areas are what most people perceive the state to be like, however, much of Arizona offers landscape rife with canyons and gorges, valleys and plains, forests, mountains, and beautiful lakes.

Arizona vacations have always been popular and early days attracted people to resorts like the Jokake Inn (now the site of the famous Phoenician Hotel ). They came to enjoy the fantastic Arizona weather, the natural beauty of our desert and nowadays our spas and golf courses.

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