Other Site of Mount Bromo That Will Amaze You

Mount Bromo is worldly famous because of its amazing and magnificent sunrise. But not only that. Mount Bromo is amazingly attractive because the sunrise is not only the attraction that will amaze you. It has several sites that will make your journey here, become the unforgettable one.

1. The Sea Of Sand ( The Whispering Sand )

The Sea Of Sands (View From Top of Mount Bromo)

After enjoying sunrise panoramic picture of Mount Bromo, you can feel the sensation straight down ‘The Sea of Sand’. The Sea of Sand is an Ocean of sand which is above the altitude. It stretched 10 kilometers and located not far from the stairs to the crater of Mount Bromo. Locals refer to it as Segara Wedi. The Whispering Sand name itself is because this place was once the location of filming the film with exactly same name. In addition, when the wind blows, the sand will be blown and making a sound like a voice like whisper.

To be able to enjoy the beauty of this Whispering Sand, you can walk down the sand grains or by renting a horse that has been prepared about the location. Do not forget to wear a mask covering your mouth and wide glasses. This is because the wind blown sand fly can disturb you.

To come here it’s recommended to use a rental vehicle such as jeep that provided by Bromo tour management. Because the contour of the sand will be very tricky to people that not get used to it. But if you rental a jeep with local driver, who has the skills and experience, your safety is more assured.

2. Bromo Crater

After get through the sea of sand, you can staightly go to the Mount Bromo Crater. To reach the crater, you have to climb up to approximately 250 pieces of stairs. If this sounds exhausting, you can rent the horse provided by the residents around. In addition, don’t forget to wear extra masker because sometimes the crater smoke so thick that make you hard to breathe. And also bring enough water to drink, because trust me, it will be hell of journey.

If you have arrived at the summit of Mount Bromo, you will see the crater, a charming sight. When you arrived, the struggling effort to reach it will be pay off. Because you can see the masterpiece of God that is so remarkable. The Mount Bromo Crater has diameter about 800 meters long from north to south and 600 meters from west to east.

For now, the crater of Mount Bromo looks increasingly steep and deep. And protective fence also has been a lot of damage. So you should very careful when standing there, especially in the very narrow range that only two meters. With the content of sulfur in the crater, not surprisingly the smell of sulfur is so sharp when you’re standing on the edge.